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A Life Lesson from Socrates (and a bad driver) ๐Ÿš—

Jun 27, 2022

The other day someone cut me up while driving.

Despite, of course, it being annoying (and this guy genuinely was in the wrong) — what amazed me the most - was how quickly I went from 0 to 100 of anger inside me.

However - a few moments later - I caught myself - was embarrassed at my reaction — laughed at myself - and reminded myself of what the Stoics taught.

They taught us - our #1 enemy is our emotions.

However - I was still shocked at how I automatically, viscerally reacted to this driver.

The incident reminded me - of how much more learning and growth I still have to do.

I quickly composed myself - and then felt foolish for emotionally reacting as I did.

I then sent ‘good energy’ to the driver - to wish him well - despite the incident.


Later that day - I was reading a bit from the Daily Stoic (by Ryan Holiday).

And what I read was as if it was written for me.

(Has this happened to you? You read or hear something at exactly the time you need to. I bet it has...)

In this book it said:

‘The Truly Educated Aren’t Quarrelsome’

It went on the explain the following.

“Did you know - Socrates famously traveled around Athens, approaching the people he disagreed with the most and engaging with them in long discussions.

In these discussions - there are many examples of his friends getting exasperated, upset, and aggravated by the many questions that came his way.

However - Socrates never got upset himself. He always kept his cool.

He was much more interested in hearing what the other person had to say - than making sure he was heard. Or - as most insist upon - winning the argument.

Would an educated and wise person really be as quarrelsome as we may initially be inclined to be?”

This really impacted me - and it was a good little learning nugget for me - and I wanted to share it with you.


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