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Why Most People Don’t Change

Dec 28, 2021

Here's a cold, brutal reality that many people never talk about.

Are you ready?

The cold brutal reality is that by his time next year it’s extremely likely that you'll be doing exactly the same thing as you are now.

Let me tell you why.

Because - when it comes to ANY kind of CHANGE - most people are focused on their GOALS.

And of course - that makes sense.

You may want to put on muscle.

You may want to increase your income.

You may want to lose weight.

You may want to start that business.

However - here is what most people do not understand.

Focusing on your GOALS may make you FEEL good in the moment.

You may even write your GOALS down - think about them every day - meditate on them.

However - you are MISSING something vital.

Most people focus on what they want to achieve.

However - the secret to achieving any sort of lasting change - is to STOP focusing on your GOALS - and instead - focus on who you need to become.

In other words - Identity Change.

In the movie Rocketman - a young Elton John asks how he can become a soul

He's told he needs to 'kill the man you are to become the man you want to be'. 

This is great advice.

Are you ready to 'kill' the old you - to become a new you?

In order to make lasting change - you have to become a different person.

Let me repeat that again, so it sinks in... In order to make lasting change - you need to become a different person. 

Could you do that?

Of course - the big question is HOW?

HOW do you start the process of becoming a different person?

The good news is - there is a step-by-step process - and I have documented it in my book reinvent.

If you'd like to discover this simple method, you can grab a copy of reinvent for free on this page.

Lasting change does not have to take years.

Actually, after you read the reinvent book, you will see how you can achieve more in the next 6 months than you have in the last 6 years. 


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